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Who are deciphered?

We have experience helping clients understand complicated technical situations in plain english, offering clear and concise advice.

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Growing your online brand

With bespoke marketing websites built to your specifications, helping you to grow your trusted online presence. With eCommerce stores for you to sell your products and services and grow your online revenue. With powerful connected web applications that deliver a consistent brand experience.

Bespoke software

Got a Dragon’s Den-worthy idea buzzing around in your head, but stuck without the tools to build it? We can help bring your concept to life. Or maybe you’re fed-up of clunky, disconnected software programs affecting your organisation’s productivity. We can help there too. Deciphered create programmes and apps built to your specs to help your business do what it needs to do. Ordering stock, managing staff, or a coffee machine that’s just brewed as you step in the door on a Monday morning… we’ve got you covered.

Helping you to keep your information secure

Know all about data protection laws, but not sure whether or not your current infrastructure and software products would pass the test? Rest assured that your information is secure with our full suite of vulnerability scanning software; architecture and code reviews; penetration testing and controls compliance advice.

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Technical consultancy

If you’re taking your first steps into the digital world, but just have no idea where to start, we offer consultancy advice and guidance for where to begin. And if you’re feeling a little out-of-your-depth with a current project, Deciphered can act as your champion in the boardroom to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck by making sure you’re as informed as can be.

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Data Analytics

Want to handle big data? We can build machine learning models to help analyse your data, to build what-if models, work out what the mood of customers or prospects are with sentiment analysis, to summarise survey reporting, and pull insights from large volumes of raw data. We can rapidly prototype and build tooling to gather and analyse information from social networks and the wider internet.

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A strong believer in equal opportunities, the recruitment philosophy at deciphered_ is a reflection of the ethos it intends to build. With high value placed on ethical practices, we look for focused, high energy professionals seeking a long term association with a growing company.

Based in Reading, we also value remote and flexible work. In our office: all the proper coffee you can handle, fruit water on tap, beer and pizza nights, breakfast club, running club and a visiting masseuse and yogini

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